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Sustainable projects design and install residential and commercial Sport Courts.  We can project manage the full project from initial designs right through to final installation. Sustainable projects have great experience in ground surveying and excavation, site planning, base layer construction, concreting, asphalt laying, bespoke sport fencing, sport equipment installation, sport court surfacing, drainage, and final landscaping.

We can create bespoke multi sport courts tailored to your needs to fit any size spaces, quarter courts, half courts, or full size courts suitable for numerous sports including : football, tennis, basketball, netball, hockey, and many more. We use a self draining surface for our courts which is playable all year round, better for the joints than concrete or asphalt and increases the life span of your court by many years. Our sport surfacing is provided by and we are the UK official installers and representative. Sportcourt is the most widely used self draining surface in the world and the most professional on the market today. Our courts will outlast traditional surfaces by many years giving you a safe playable area for years to come.

Our recent sport court projects:

Full size Basketball/ Multi game court:  34×16 Metres

IMG_2636 IMG_2635 IMG_2633 IMG_2613 IMG_2612 IMG_2640

Mini game court:   10×5 Metres

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