3d Garden Design Services

We can provide 3D visuals of our garden and landscape projects, created by our designers in house. All we need is a few Ideas from yourself and let us do the rest. Using 3D visuals you can see finished projects before they are started. A great way to see exactly what you will be getting.

bobby garden    bobby garden 4   bobby garden 6

3d Landscape assessment & strategy planning

Landscape assessment can be required as part of the strategic planning process or in support of a proposed development.

Landscape character assessment appraises the distinct and identifiable patterns of elements which make up a particular landscape and how it is perceived by people.

This relates to particular combinations of geology, landform, soil, vegetation, land use and human settlement. Landscape character assessment is a useful tool in defining the environmental sensitivity of an area to change, including its capacity to accommodate new development.

We provide Landscape assessment and 3d strategy planning services which can help influence the design and planning of future new developments and how they will impact the local surroundings, making it easier to pass planning permission proposals.


3d Building Modelling and Visualisation

We provide 3d architectural modelling services to plan your project to a fine degree of accuracy. The  architectural model is produced to help visualize in three dimensions the scope of a building project and to communicate the layout, spatial relationships and material quantities. Having a model of a project makes it easier for us to work with our clients right from initial concept, project costing and through to final sales.


An architectural model can be used as a sales tool. We can produce photorealistic visualisations and walk through animations of final designs, working with interior designers to help with final sales and marketing.

Walk through animation – Mill conversion – Bolton.                                                                                                                                                                                       CLICK VIDEO TO WATCH-

Final Photos of completed Project –

real photo falcon real photo falcon2


Not only do we visualise and animate, the 3d models are drawn to exact measurements from architects plan/section drawings, enabling us to quantify each project and supply fully detailed cost plans.

Architectural models are used in the construction permit and approval process. Having a model present at local authority meetings allows planners to see exactly how the project will impact the surrounding area and may make it easier to get necessary approvals.

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